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  • Late Checkout until 2pm (upon availability)

  • Exclusive Rates for Superior Room

  • Breakfast for 15 € and 50% discount for children under 10 years

  • Parking for 14 € / day

Bistroteka Astoria7

Even Depardieu would lose his mind living so far from our pintxos! But don't worry, he's banned from the bar


Quality raw materials, local traditions, a contemporary touch and nods, loads of nods, to the world of film. A dynamic, open menu worthy of Welles in his ages of discovery or Coppola with his family. Come enjoy what our chef Iñigo Palma whips up.

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You can call to book a table on

+34 943 445 000


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Eat, drink, love. As much as we like Ang Lee, we’re Basque. So we take the eating and drinking bit very seriously, at least. Come enjoy what our chef Iñigo Palma whips up for you, with our daily set menus, pintxos or seasonal a la carte menu. Enjoy our selection of wines. And don’t forget our cocktail bar is open late. For the love side of things and all that…

Snack bar

Coffee, tea, beer, pacharán and hours discussing what that actor said in that one scene or the other. We like to think of our café as a place where the old tradition of the sitting around having a chat still exists. Even though today most of these conversations could be brought to an end by someone taking out their smartphone and searching on Google. Yes, we have Wi-Fi.

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From Monday to Sunday from 12:00h to 16:00h and from 19:00h to 22:30h

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